Yashaswini 2023: The Ultimate Celebration of Rural Women and Millets!


Step into the world of rural India, and you’ll find women who are the backbone of their families, communities, and the entire agricultural sector. They work hard day in and day out to ensure that their families are well-fed, their lands are fertile, and their traditions and culture are preserved. And yet, their stories often go untold and their contributions are overlooked. That’s where Yashaswini 2023 comes in. This upcoming celebration is all about honoring and celebrating the rural women of India and the role they play in society. But that’s not all – Yashaswini 2023 also highlights the importance of millets, a staple food crop that is often neglected in favor of rice and wheat. Join us on this journey as we explore the rich culture, strong women, and delicious cuisine that make up Yashaswini 2023 – the ultimate celebration of rural women and millets!

Why is Yashaswini 2023 important?

The Yashiswini 2023 event was a platform created for self-help group (SHG) women across Goa to showcase their skills, share their stories, and display their talents. GLF Trustee Asha Vernekar highlighted the importance of education and women’s entrepreneurship in India’s G20 presidency. She emphasized that promoting these areas is crucial for achieving progress and equality, as well as attaining the Prime Minister’s Aatmnirbhar Bharat initiative, which aims to increase household income, alleviate poverty among women, and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, specifically in terms of gender equality. The event also stressed the significance of women exercising their freedom to speak up in today’s modern world. The Miss Yashiswini 2023 pageant was a perfect example of this, as it showcased the women’s talents and provided them with a platform to express themselves.

The Yashiswini 2023 event had some esteemed guests, including the popular Indian playback singer and lyricist, Hema Sardessai, who energized the setting with her contagious energy and enchanting voice. The event also featured inspiring speakers such as Dr. Varsha Naik, Asha Arondekar, and Dr. Sneha Bhagwat. Dr. Naik, a nationalist and professor at Goa College of Home Science, spoke about millets and how the self-help group women can make nutritious value-added products and market them. Asha Arondekar, CEO and Founder of Global to Local, motivated the women with ideas on developing entrepreneurial skills. Dr. Sneha Bhagwat, a successful Ayurveda practitioner, spoke about different job openings in her wellness center that could provide employment to the women. The contestants expressed their entrepreneurial journeys, talents, and struggles for livelihoods, which were judged based on their inspiring stories and confidence. The five finalists will contest for Miss Yashiswini 2023 on March 20th at Succor Panchayat Hall Porvorim.

The significance of rural women and millets in Indian agriculture

Rural women are the backbone of Indian agriculture. They are responsible for a significant portion of the labor that goes into cultivating crops and raising livestock. In fact, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), women make up 75% of the agricultural labor force in India. Despite their critical role in agriculture, rural women face significant challenges, including limited access to land, credit, and education. These challenges make it difficult for them to fully realize their potential and contribute to the development of their communities.

Rural women play a critical role in millet farming. They are responsible for much of the labor that goes into cultivating, harvesting, and processing millets. However, women face significant challenges when it comes to millet farming, including limited access to land, credit, and education.

Despite these challenges, many rural women are taking steps to overcome them and to promote the cultivation and consumption of millets. Yashaswini 2023 is an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the contributions of these women and to empower them to take control of their lives and their futures.


The impact of Yashaswini 2023 on rural communities and agriculture

Yashaswini 2023 has the potential to have a significant impact on rural communities and agriculture in India. By celebrating the contributions of rural women and promoting the cultivation and consumption of millets, Yashaswini 2023 can help create a more equitable and sustainable future. The event will provide an opportunity for rural women to showcase their products and skills and to connect with customers and investors. It will also promote the cultivation and consumption of millets, which can have a significant impact on the health and well-being of millions of people.

Yashaswini 2023 can also have a broader impact on agriculture in India. By promoting sustainable agriculture and rural development, Yashaswini 2023 can help create a more resilient and sustainable agricultural sector. This, in turn, can have a positive impact on the overall economy and well-being of the country.


Conclusion - Yashaswini 2023 Grand Finale

The Yashiswini 2023 Grand Finale, organized by the Goa Livelihoods Forum in association with the Goa State Livelihoods Mission (GSRLM), National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD), Central Bureau of Communication, JCI Mapusa, C20 India, and G20, celebrated women achievers who had excelled in their respective fields, including Varsha Naik, Pragati Naik, Shilpa Vantenkar, and Nanda Jambotkar. The event highlighted the importance of women’s independence, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, nutrition, and health. Addressing the gathering of over 800 women, Sulakshana Sawant stated that women have the power to change not only their lives but also the lives of those around them. The Yashiswini 2023 awards recognized the spirit of womanhood and provided a platform for members of self-help groups across Goa to showcase their talents, share their life stories, and express themselves.